‘Horrified’ Time Photographer of Iconic Hillary Pic Defends Clinton from Emailgate Critics

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Diana Walker, the Time photographer who took the iconic 2011 photograph of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reading her Blackberry during a flight to Libya is reportedly ‘horrified’ that Clinton critics are using her photograph as evidence Clinton is withholding emails from investigators.

Clinton uses the black-and-white photograph as her Twitter avatar and header.

Clinton briefly took down the avatar during the email scandal in favor of a blank “not there” icon to promote a Clinton Foundation women’s rights campaign.

Walker was quoted in a GQ article by Jason Zengerle, Why Hillary Clinton is Doubling Down on Her BlackBerry Picture

Walker defended Clinton to Zengerle from comments by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) noting no emails were turned over to his special House Benghazi committee by the State Department from the day the Walker photo was taken.

“Seeing her image co-opted by Clinton’s critics horrifies Walker. “When I was photographing Secretary Clinton in that situation, she was reading her emails,” Walker says, noting that she never saw Clinton writing messages, as Gowdy seems to want people to believe. “I was there for about two or three minutes and she was reading. If the congressman knows she was actually using her hands to write an email, I didn’t see it. I saw her reading an email.””

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