GREEN WASTE: Wind Turbines on Eiffel Tower Will Only Provide .0015 of Annual Energy Needs

eiffel tower wind
French workers install a wind turbine on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (Huffington Post)

France recently installed two wind turbines on the Eiffel Tower.
The windmills will provide only .0015 of the electricity necessary for the tower’s annual consumption.
The Daily Caller reported:

Did France really just put a wind turbine on the Eiffel Tower? Yep, and it won’t even produce a hundredth of the tower’s energy needs.

The Eiffel Tower now sports two 17-foot wind turbines 400 feet above the tower’s base, right above the second level. The wind turbines are expected to produce about 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year — only about 0.0015 percent of the tower’s total annual power consumption.

Jan Gromadzki, an engineer with the New York-based Urban Green Technology, said “It’s just a small drop in the ocean.”

“This installation is definitely more symbolic,” said Gromadzki, whose company was tasked with designing and installing the turbines. “But it is still significant because the merchant spaces on the first floor do consume energy, and being able to offset that consumption is something people can really assimilate and understand.”

Why did the Eiffel tower go green? Because Paris wants to green its image ahead of the United Nations climate summit the city will be hosting in December. The Verge reports that the Eiffel Tower will also get “add energy-saving LED lights and an array of solar panels to heat half of the hot water it uses” as part of its $33.6 million renovation.

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