GRAPHIC BODY CAM FOOTAGE: Dallas Police Shoot Mentally Ill Man Holding Screwdriver

Mentally Ill Man is shot dead by police in Dallas, Texas

The family of Jason Harrison released this video today from a 2014 shooting.
Via Liveleak:

Jason Harrison’s mother, Shirley, appears calm on the Dallas police officer’s body camera footage as she steps out of her home, followed by her son Jason. “He’s off the chain,” she says, shaking her head and looking annoyed. “Bipolar, schizo,” she says, explaining her son’s mental illness to the police.

Jason appears alone in the frame at 1:04, holding a screwdriver with his right fingers.

“Will you drop that for me?” Officer Andrew Hutchins, who is wearing the camera, says before turning to his colleague John Rogers. “Yeah, drop that for me,” Rogers says. With Harrison out of the frame, Hutchins begins begins yelling louder. His mother suddenly screams Jason’s name as his hand lurches forward. The officers fire. Just six seconds after he first appears in the frame, Harrison is on the ground, dying.

The family released the video today.


More information:
His brother had to pull a gun on Jason once because he had a butcher knife threatening his mother.

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