Grandma Kills 9 Month-Old Baby Girl With Circular Saw for Crying (VIDEO)

A Chicago grandmother cut a 9 month-old baby’s throat with a power saw for crying.
The 52 yaer-old woman is in stable condition in a hospital.

The baby, identified by neighbors as Rosie Herrera, was found by police with her throat cut inside Chicago home
baby girl saw

Rosie Herrera died after the horrendous attack.
FOX2 Now reported:


A 9-month-old girl has died after reportedly having her throat cut with a power saw in a Chicago home, authorities said. A 52-year-old woman related to the baby is in police custody at a hospital. Authorities said the woman cut the girl’s throat with a circular saw, apparently because she wouldn’t stop crying, the Chicago Tribune reported. The woman then tried to kill herself and was found by another relative, the newspaper reported.

The woman has minor self-inflicted injuries and is in stable condition at the hospital, police told CNN.

The events took place in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. Neighbors told CNN affiliate WLS that a couple lived at the apartment with two grown daughters, each of whom had a young child. “I can’t believe this,” Raul Chavez, a neighbor, told the local broadcaster. “I knew them. I knew them real good. I knew them because we would help out each other.”

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