GOP Needs to Drop the Elephant & Adopt Rubber Stamp as Party Symbol

2014 was a Wave Election…
House Republicans gained their largest majority since 1928.
Republicans also picked up 9 seats and took control of the US Senate.
reflecting pool 1928
The Reflecting Pool located in front of the Lincoln Memorial was built between 1928 and 1930.

Republicans picked up 13 seats in Congressional elections.
us house 2014

So what are Republicans doing with their historic Congressional majorities?


Republicans have become the rubber stamp party.
John Hawkins at Townhall reported:

How do you think Republicans would have done in the 2014 elections if they had told the truth about what they intended to do when they took over the Senate? What if they had campaigned on working hand-in-hand with Obama to enact his illegal alien amnesty while supporting his budget priorities, confirming a new Attorney General who thinks everything Obama is doing is fine and promised they would do nothing while he illegally bans ammo, cripples the Internet, and lets the EPA run wild? Republicans are even gearing up to SAVE OBAMACARE if the Supreme Court guts the subsidies.

Conservatives complain endlessly, with good reason, that Barack Obama is acting like a dictator. What’s left unsaid is that he’s only able to do it because Republicans in the House and Senate are standing by impotently and allowing him to do whatever he wants. Despite winning two huge victories in 2010 and 2014 by promising to fight against Obama, the GOP has shown nothing but rank cowardice in every confrontation with him. It’s hard to understand how men like John McCain, who showed such great courage in war, can be so cowardly when they’re asked to stand up for America against the Democrats. What kind of Republicans would rather fight their own supporters and constituents than stand up to Barack Obama?

In fact, we should consider ourselves lucky that Obama hasn’t gone even farther, because who’s going to stop him? The Republican Leadership in the House and Senate?


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Speaker Boehner passed amnesty funding this week with every Democrat voting for the legislation and only 75 Republican votes.

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