FOX Host to Dem Operative: Language Coming From White House Is Tougher on GOP Than Iran (VIDEO)

Happening Now discussed the letter signed by 47 US Senators that was sent to the Iranian regime on Monday. Democratic operative Kelsey Davenport insisted the letter was an attempt to undermine the nuclear talks with Iran.

“The letter was a blatant attempt to undermine US foreign policy and derail negotiations. It also sends the wrong message to Iran about Washington’s intent to follow through on an agreement.. Congress has a role to play. They should oversee the implementation of the deal.

FOX News Host Jenna Lee countered.

“Let me ask you about that because the White House has used some of the same language that this letter undermines the deal that’s taking place… Some of that language coming from the White House and Democrats is tougher than the language that they use on Iran which is the number one state sponsor of terror. So is there a double standard there?

That’s how they operate.
The Obama administration treats friends like enemies and lunatic enemies like friends.
Via Happening Now:

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