FERGUSON JUDGE RECEIVES DEATH THREATS After Holder’s Ferguson Report Released

Ferguson Municipal Judge Ronald J. Brockmeyer revealed this week that he had received death threats after Eric Holder’s controversial Ferguson Report was released last week.

Two Ferguson police officers were shot last night during protests outside the police headquarters.

Judge Brockmeyer received death threats after Holder’s report was released.


Brockmeyer refuted the report but resigned this week anyway saying, “It’s not worth jeopardizing my family.”
The Christian Post reported:

Municipal Judge Ronald J. Brockmeyer in Ferguson, Missouri, resigned Monday after the state’s Supreme Court announced that it would take the “extraordinary action” of reassigning all cases to the circuit court following the Department of Justice’s report last week that cited the judge’s abusive practices. As of Monday, all municipal cases have been assigned to a state appeals court judge.

The DOJ’s report revealed last week that Ferguson officials were using the police department and court system to generate revenue.

“Brockmeyer was among the officials who received particular scrutiny for practices like fixing traffic tickets for colleagues and himself, punishing defendants who challenged him, and instituting new fees, many of which were ‘widely considered abusive and may be unlawful,’ the DOJ said in its report, according to The New York Times…

…”I don’t believe the report was correct,” Brockmeyer told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Monday night, “but it’s not worth fighting.”

Brockmeyer also revealed that he had received death threats after the Department of Justice report was released. “That’s one of the most important reasons — it’s not worth jeopardizing my family.”

Several threats were also posted online recently by Ferguson protest supporters:

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