End Run… Again: Obama Submits “Executive Order” Based Climate Plan To UN Attempting To Bypass Congress

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If President Obama has done anything worthwhile during his term in office, his attitude of “If Congress won’t than I will” has more than made a case for the reexamination of the legal use of Presidential Executive Orders.

Case in point.


The Daily Caller reports that on Tuesday, President Obama submitted a plan to fight Climate Change to the United Nations. But in an effort to bypass Congress, the White House created the Climate plan based on Obama’s ability to use Executive Orders:

The Obama administration is filing its plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions with the United Nations Tuesday ahead of a major global warming summit in Paris set for later this year.

“President Obama promised last November to cut U.S. carbon dioxide emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025 in order to get the Chinese government to pledge to peak their carbon emissions by 2030.

The Obama-China deal was heavily criticized by Republican lawmakers who said they would block any such agreement. Indeed, Republicans have again vowed to challenge any international global warming agreement coming out of the UN.

“…The White House, however, argues that its plan to cut emissions is non-binding and based on Obama’s executive powers. The administration contends it has strong international backing for an international deal on global warming.

The reality is the world’s temperature hasn’t risen in almost 2 decades.

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