Donald Trump Exits “Apprentice” – Will Start Presidential Exploratory Committee


American businessman, investor and TV personality announced he will not renew his contract for his popular show “Apprentice.” Trump will also launch a presidential exploratory committee.
The Union Leader reported:

Donald Trump will launch a presidential exploratory committee Wednesday, the eve of the business mogul’s return to New Hampshire.

A senior adviser tells the New Hampshire Union Leader that Trump will not be renewing his contract with NBC for the reality television “Apprentice” series.

Combined with staff hires, Trump’s announcement that he will form an exploratory committee for the first time is a sign the billionaire is seriously considering running for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s statement on forming the exploratory committee hints at the razzle-dazzle to come for a turbo-charged personality known for skewering the political establishment.
He refers to politicians who are “all talk and no action,” his tremendous business success, and how he is “the only one who can make America truly great again!”

Job creation, improving manufacturing, border security, rebuilding infrastructure, strengthening the military and local control of education are some of Trump’s priorities, according to his forthcoming announcement.

Trump has flirted with running for President before, but his moves ahead of 2016 are far more concrete.

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