Denver Man Arrested for Mowing Over Police Officers at #MikeBrown High School Street Protest

Christopher Antwan Booker, 41, hit and ran over four Denver police officers with his car while they were monitoring a Mike Brown student protest at East High School.

One police officer was hit and dragged underneath Booker’s car for 25 yards.

The students laughed and cheered when the officers were hit.

They were marching during school hours from East high school to the state capital.
denver student march
Five hundred students joined in the march for robber Mike Brown.

Christopher Antwan Booker said he was suffering a seizure when he hit the officers with his car.

On Wednesday, police arrested Christopher Booker for mowing over four police officers in his car at a Mike Brown high school protest.
The Denver Channel reported:

Felony charges now face the driver who hit and seriously injured a Denver Police Department bicycle officer who had been escorting a protest of high school students during December.

Police identified the driver a few days after the collision as Christopher Booker, 42. He was not arrested at the time, and Chief Robert White said preliminary indications were that the crash was due to a medical condition.

Now, a probable cause affidavit reveals that the officer who pulled Booker from his damaged car recognized the signs of a seizure. Afterward, Booker also told the investigators that he takes medication for seizures and had suffered another one less than a month earlier.

Police checked with Booker’s doctors and confirmed he has had the condition for several years, but had never disclosed the condition on his applications for a driver license from the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

“The doctors indicated that they felt that Mr. Booker was… aware of the risk that he presented if he chose to drive a car with his condition,” the affidavit states.

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