Democrat State Rep To Republican Colleague: “You Better Bring A Gun”

SH Mississippi Democratic State Representative Steve Holland (Image Gulf Live)

Even though politics has a way of becoming heated and personal during debate, at least in American politics, it rarely reaches a level where it becomes violent, or even implies harm. P

But that isn’t the case in Mississippi where WAPT 16 News reports that during a heated debate Democratic State Representative Steve Holland told the Speaker of the House, Republican Phillip Gunn, that if he wanted to remove him from the House Chamber he better bring a gun:


“JACKSON, Miss. —A heated debate in the Mississippi Legislature this week got out of hand.

“Lawmakers said it’s not unusual for a member to lose his temper, but some said Tuesday’s outburst crossed the line.

“House Speaker Philip Gunn called for the sergeant at arms to escort Rep. Steve Holland out of the House Chamber. Holland refused to leave and reportedly said, “You better bring a gun with you.”

“The Lee County Democrat was upset that the speaker had rejected his request to offer amendments to a bill that would force the federal government to balance its budget and would require states’ permission to increase national debt.”

Representative Holland says he now regrets the altercation.


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