College Cancels Classes – Holds All School Meeting After Racist Graffiti Found in Bathroom (Video)

Connecticut College administrators cancelled classes on Tuesday after racist graffiti was found in a bathroom.
The college held a public meeting where they discussed white supremacy.

Campus Reform reported:

Connecticut College cancelled classes on Monday after school officials were notified of racist graffiti in a bathroom stall.

According to NBC Connecticut, Connecticut College administrators were notified Sunday afternoon of the phrase “no n*****s” sprawled in a student center bathroom. By Sunday evening, school officials said the graffiti had been removed, and the school would remain closed on Monday while an investigation is underway.

“We must take action immediately to expose and eradicate this ignorance and hatred,” Connecticut College President Katherine Bergeron said in an email to all students Sunday evening. “I have decided to cancel tomorrow’s classes to ensure these events receive the proper attention.”

“As your president, I will not tolerate forms of racist or hateful speech designed to demean, denigrate, or dehumanize,” Bergeron said. “Even though speech may be protected does not mean that we have to approve of the odious things that people choose to say with their freedom. I do not approve. It does mean, though, that we can and should use our freedom to speak out against injustice.”

On Monday, the entire campus will meet to talk about the campus climate and how to improve the Connecticut College community, according to NBC Connecticut. Multiple staff members will also be on hand to counsel students.

Bergeron said that she will have an open-door policy on Tuesday for any concerned student.

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