Carly Fiorina Zings Chris Wallace: Ask Me About Being VP When You Ask Everyone Else (Video)

carly fiorina wallace

Carly Fiorina zinged Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday after he questioned her about running for vice president, not president.

Chris Wallace: It sounds sexist, that you’re really running to be the running mate, that you would be the person to lead the attack against Hillary Clinton. That it would be easier for you, as a woman attacking another woman and that you would in sense neutralize the vulnerabilities the Republican Party has with women?

Carly Fiorina: Well, you know, I come from a world outside of politics where track record and accomplishments count. Words don’t. If I run for president it’s because I can win the job and it’s because I can do the job.

Chris Wallace: Would you even consider being the running mate?

Carly Fiorina: Well, when you start asking all the other candidates that question then maybe we’ll have that conversation.

Chris was right.
His question did sound a bit sexist.

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