BREAKING: PHOTOS of Cop-Shooter Jeffrey WIlliams at #Ferguson Protests

Yesterday St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that the Ferguson police shooter was arrested and in custody. McCulloch said Jeffrey Williams was the shooter and was a regular at the Ferguson protests.

williams mugshot
Jeffrey Williams

Immediately after the press conference protest leaders refuted the claim that Jeffrey Williams attended the protests.

Ferguson agitator and traveling protester DeRay had a public meltdown after Bob McCulloch announced that the shooter was a regular protester.
meltdown deray

Jeffrey Williams was indeed a Ferguson protester.
And now we have pictures…

Here is Jeffrey Williams getting ready to protest with his US flag shirt and blue mask.
williams before protest

And here is Jeffrey Williams at a Ferguson Protest.
williams protest

The New York Times even reported today that Williams was a regular at the protests.

Williams is also friends with Dorian Johnson and Piaget Crenshaw.

FERGUSON PROTESTERS raised money for cop-shooter Jeffrey Williams today.

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