Black Teen Arrested in Brutal Killing of Iraqi Refugee

A black teen was arrested for the brutal murder of an Iraqi refugee who was out watching his first-ever snowfall.
Iraqi refugee Ahmed al-Jumaili was shot repeatedly by Nykerion Nealon in front of his wife and children.

CAIR called the shooting a Muslim hate crime.

The New York Daily News reported:


A Texas teen has been arrested for fatally shooting an Iraqi refugee watching his first-ever snowfall, police said.

Nykerion Nealon, 17, was arrested early Friday after gunning down Ahmed al-Jumaili outside his Dallas apartment complex March 4, Maj. Jeff Cotner told reporters alongside the victim’s father-in-law Friday.

Al-Jumaili was shot in front of his wife and brother, three weeks after fleeing Iraq to be in a safer place and reunite with his wife, who had moved to America a year earlier.

Nealon, who went by the nickname Kaca, did not know al-Jumaili and shot him while seeking revenge, Cotner said. Someone reportedly shot at his girlfriend’s apartment in a neighboring complex, making Nealon round up three buddies to look for the suspect, a witness told police. They went to Nealon’s apartment to get his assault rifle and then headed to Al-Jumaili’s apartment complex.

The thug saw al-Jumaili taking pictures of the snow and raised his rifle, one of his friends told police. The friend took cover under bushes and heard shots ring out, he said.

Al-Jumaili ran back to his apartment as Nealon followed him with his eyes, continually aiming his rifle and firing at him, Cotner said. Al-Jumaili was shot in the chest.

The Iraqi collapsed in the breezeway of his apartment building. He died in the hospital the next day.

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