Aussie Teen Ends Young Life as Suicide Bomber for ISIS

aussie teen bomber
Aussie teen ISIS fighter Jake Bilardi carries out suicide bombing in Ramadi.

Baby-faced Australian teenager Jake Bilardi ended his life this week as a suicide bomber for ISIS.

ISIS uses young Western recruit as cannon fodder.
Aussie News reported:


A BLOG reportedly written by Australian teenager and radicalised Islamic State militant Jake Bilardi has revealed how he planned to bomb Melbourne before joining the terrorist group.

The online blog post which was titled From Melbourne to Ramadi: My Journey, could not be officially confirmed, but includes references to how he grew up in Melbourne as an Atheist.

The blog has emerged today amid unconfirmed reports Bilardi carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq overnight while fighting with IS.

It also comes as it has been confirmed that he left a series of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at his family home.

Details of his life in the blog, in which he described “Melbourne’s working-class suburbs” and being “13 years of age” seem to be consistent with other reported information about his identity.

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