At Least 34 Democrats Will Boycott Netanyahu’s Congressional Speech on Security of Israel

At least 34 Democrats will boycott Israeli Prime Minister’s speech before Congress on Tuesday.
wipe out israel rally
A photo from one of the rallies to wipe out Israel held in Iran in October, 2005. Backdropped by an anti-Israeli and anti-American painting, Iranian female paramilitary militias (Basiji), parade in front of supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, unseen, in Tehran, Iran.

Four Democratic Senators and 30 Democratic Representatives will boycott the speech.
democrats boycott
Source CNN

Barack Obama will not attend.
Vice President Joe Biden will not attend.
Secretary of State John F. Kerry will not attend.


The Obama White House reportedly told Black Caucus members to boycott the speech.

34 Democrats are putting politics before survival of Israel.

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