Animal Liberation Forum Held At Portland State University


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The wackjobs were back at it again at PSU, where the Northwest Regional Animal Liberation Forum took place on Feb. 7th.

Among the sponsoring groups were Student Animal Liberation Coalition, Portland Vegans Of Color, Resistance Ecology, Portland Animal Liberation, No New Animal Lab, Cascadia Animal Rights Alliance, Civil Liberties Defense Center, Portland Animal Welfare Advocates, Vancouver Animal Defense League, Free The Oregon Zoo Elephants, and Wildlife Defense League.

Presentation workshops included Anti-Oppression Training, Vegans Of Color Only Discussion Space (see video below of non-colored person ejected), Know Your Rights & Security Culture Basics, and Researching Targets. Also included in the program was a map of the “gender neutral” bathrooms in the area. After the forum they put a plan into action to protest at the home of a Skanska executive. Skanska is the construction company that has been contracted to build a new animal lab at the University Of Washington.

Videographer Daylight Disinfectant was on hand for some of the forum, and brings us these videos:

A cow character in one of the Power Point presentations asks “Who has more social power than you?”

This presenter poses the question “What kind of an asshole would eat a lamb?”

And here are the “all-inclusive” revolutionaries ejecting someone based on race from the “Vegans Of Color” presentation at a public event on a public university campus.

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