After Stoking Racial Hatred – Eric Holder Blames “Damn Punk” for Ferguson Police Shooting (VIDEO)

holder ferguson
Eric Holder visited Ferguson in August after Michael Brown was shot by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

Last week Eric Holder released a report accusing the Ferguson police department of bias and racism. Protests picked up in Ferguson after the AG’s report.

Attorney General Eric Holder released this statement on the police shootings this morning.


Holder defended the protesters in Ferguson who have torched numerous businesses, verbally assaulted police officers, rioted, regularly blocked streets and intersections, harassed local citizens at restaurants and sporting events and vandalized homes and businesses.

In Holder’s fantasy world these protesters are nonviolent.

From the Attorney General:

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Attorney General Holder Statement on the Overnight Shooting of Two Officers in Ferguson, Missouri
Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement Thursday on the overnight shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Missouri:

This heinous assault on two brave law enforcement officers was inexcusable and repugnant. I condemn violence against any public safety officials in the strongest terms, and the Department of Justice will never accept any threats or violence directed at those who serve and protect our communities—from this cowardly action, to the killing of an officer in Philadelphia last week while he was buying a game for his son, to the tragic loss of a Deputy U.S. Marshal in the line of duty in Louisiana earlier this week. Such senseless acts of violence threaten the very reforms that nonviolent protesters in Ferguson and around the country have been working towards for the past several months. We wish these injured officers a full and speedy recovery. We stand ready to offer any possible aid to an investigation into this incident, including the department’s full range of investigative resources. And we will continue to stand unequivocally against all acts of violence against cops whenever and wherever they occur.”

Later today Eric Holder blamed “a damn punk” for the Ferguson police shooting last night.

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