2012 VIDEO: Ambassador to Kenya Fired For Misconduct & Setting Up Private Email Account for Gov. Business

The Hillary Clinton State Department reportedly forced US Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration from his post in 2012 for using a private email account.

Ambassador Gration was let go for misconduct, threats and for setting up a private email account for government business.

Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has used a private email for government business for years – then deleted thousands of the emails.
The Patriot Post reported:


Look at the hypocrisy. Turns out, the State Department forced a U.S. ambassador from his position in 2012 for using – wait for it – a private email account. That’s right: While the head of the department, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ran an illicit email server from her New York home, the State Department berated Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration for using Gmail. “The inspector general’s report specifically noted that Gration violated State Department policy by using a private, unsanctioned e-mail service for official business,” Sean Davis writes. “In its executive summary listing its key judgments against the U.S. ambassador to Kenya who served under Hillary Clinton, the inspector general stated that Gration’s decision to willfully violate departmental information security policies highlighted Gration’s ‘reluctance to accept clear-cut U.S. Government decisions.’ The report claimed that this reluctance to obey governmental security policies was the former ambassador’s ‘greatest weakness.’” While Gmail has decent security, Clinton’s email account left her information vulnerable to hackers.

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