VIDEO>>> Obama Admin Had “Very Specific Intelligence” on Location of US ISIS Hostages – Would Not Act

Barack Obama had specific intelligence on the location of the several US ISIS hostages but would not act.

FOX journalist Catherine Herridge reported Tuesday, after the death of hostage Kayla Mueller was confirmed, that the US had “very specific information” on the location of the ISIS hostages in May of 2014. But, sadly, President Obama would not act even though the US knew their exact location.

Several of the US hostages were then beheaded in propaganda videos. Hostage Kayla Mueller was reportedly killed when her building was bombed by coalition planes.

According to The Right Scoop, seven weeks later, Obama approved of the mission but the hostages had already been moved.

The Sunday Times reported in August that President Obama delayed a rescue mission for James Foley and the other prisoners for 30 days. Obama spent that time “fretting over his image”, playing golf and worrying his administration would be “Carterized” if the mission failed.  Foley was beheaded on August 19, 2014.
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