VIDEO: Good Guy Pharmacist With Gun Receives Inspirational Message From God After Stopping Bad Guy Robber With Gun

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A previous report at the WVGazette explains how a Virginia pharmacist noticed a customer entering the store with a bandanna stretched across his face. The pharmacist jokingly tried to “feel the guy out” by asking in a lighthearted manner, “Are you here to rob me?” The suspect quickly responded by pulling a gun, but the pharmacist was ready to pull his own gun and fire back. After the battle ended, the pharmacist was heard saying to the suspect, “Why did you make me do this?”

The raw surveillance footage of what unfolded next is stunning to watch. The update report below explains how the pharmacist found inspirational words from God to help him through the experience.


WCHSTV reports the following update:

PINCH, W.Va. – A pharmacist in Pinch who was forced to make an incredibly difficult decision when an armed robbery turned deadly is speaking out and sharing how his faith is helping him through the ordeal.

Don Radcliff spoke with Eyewitness News Reporter Kennie Bass and said he is taking no joy in what happened Wednesday. Radcliff said he does not consider himself a hero, even though his actions may have saved the lives of his co-workers and customers when he shot an armed man at Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch.

Eight people were inside the pharmacy in Pinch when the suspect came through the door about 9:45 a.m.

Kanawha deputies said the man, identified by Kanawha deputies as Terry Gillenwater, 25, of Quick, was wearing a mask over his face. He stood in line for a few moments before producing a handgun and pointing it directly at the counter workers.

Radcliff said he was standing just a few feet away. He drew his own weapon, firing three times, hitting the suspect twice and one shot actually hit the man’s gun as he was aiming to fire back.

On Thursday, he is back on the job, shaken, but trying to move forward.

Radcliff said he has received tremendous support from his family and friends, but also from his faith. Radcliff shared Thursday’s devotion from his daily devotional.

“Thursday, February 19th, John 10, 7 to 18, ‘A thief comes only to steal and to kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.’ That’s verse 10,” Radcliff said. “Abundance isn’t God’s provision for me to live in luxury; it’s his provision for me to help others live.”

Radcliff said it is exactly what he needed to hear.

“So many times when I read this daily devotional it’s exactly what I need to hear. And today it was what I needed to hear,” Radcliff said.

Radcliff’s wife, Dixie, said it was an incredibly emotional day for both of them and they are still trying to process what happened.

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