US Chaldean Leader: There Is a Christian Holocaust in Iraq & Washington Isn’t Doing Anything (VIDEO)

The Islamic State captured Sinjar, Iraq in August.
crucifix ISIS
The terrorists immediately replaced the church crucifix with the ISIS flag.

Mark Arabo, national spokesman for “Ending Genocide in Iraq,” spoke with Sean Hannity Tuesday about the Christian genocide in Iraq. Arabo says Christians face extinction from militant Islamists in the Middle East and the White House is not doing enough.

They’re massacring every Christian they see and we face extinction, the oldest Christians in the world. Early today I spoke with White House officials and I told them if they keep not doing anything to protect Christians around the world, they’re sentencing my people to death. And, they’re not acting, so we have to put the pressure on… The American government and the White House are not doing enough… This is a Christian holocaust. …The absence of leadership in the White House is leading to more and more Christians to be persecuted and beheaded. Our churches are being bombed. Nobody’s acting. This is, as we keep saying, a full-blown Christian genocide and Washington isn’t doing anything. This is a Christian holocaust.

Via Hannity:

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