UK Muslim Leader Calls ‘Jihad John’ a “Beautiful Man” – Blames Britain for His Turn to ISIS (Video)

Prominent UK Muslim Asim Qureshi spoke with Jon Snow today about Mohammaed Emwazi after he was named as the Islamic State ‘executioner’ Jihadi John. Qureshi says Jihad John was a “beautiful man” who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

jihad john isis
Jihad John lived in a prominent neighborhood and went to an elite school. But, according to his defenders, British security officials drove him to become an ISIS beheader.

Qureshi also blamed the British security services for his radicalization.
The Brits drove him to behead innocent Westerners.


Then there’s this…
Asim Qureshi was filmed calling for jihad outside the US Embassy in 2006.
Asim Qureshi, leader of campaign group CAGE, is pictured at a London rally at the height of the Iraq war in 2006 calling for protesters to ‘support the jihad of our brothers and sisters’. (Daily Mail)

Here’s the video…

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