Tea Party Leader Gerritson: IRS Has “Gone to Great Lengths to Hide the Evidence” (VIDEO)

Wetumpka Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson spoke with Stuart Varney on FOX Business Channel this week on the ongoing IRS conservative targeting scandal.

Becky and her husband started the Wetumpka Tea Party in 2009. They applied for tax exempt status in 2010. The IRS wrote them that they had received their application and cashed their $850 check. The IRS then sent Becky a list of over 80 additional questions including names of all members of her organization. The IRS wanted the names of all of their donors. The IRS wanted copies of all speeches at their meetings and the dates, times and locations of all future voter registration drives. The IRS sent similar letters to almost 300 conservative organizations. The IRS wanted copies of the prayers that were said at the meetings and a copy of their tweets.

This week it was revealed that IRS Director John Koskinen misled Congress about the destruction of IRS emails. Over 32,000 emails were later found by Congressional investigators. IRS officials had not even tried to recover them.

Becky Gerritson told Stuart,

“I think what he was really saying was that they have gone to great lengths to hide the evidence… This affects all of America. As soon as we let these guys have a pass and we don’t hold them accountable. The next administration will use this against their political enemies.

Especially if the next administration happens to be led by another Democrat.
Becky Gerritson is fearless and continues to stand up against the corrupt Obama machine.

Becky Gerritson appearing on FOX – Varney & Co Commenting on the on going IRS investigation February 27, 2015 from Wetumpka Tea Party on Vimeo.

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