Student Arrested After Raping & Whipping Classmate While Acting Out “50 Shades of Grey”

50 shades

University of Illinois-Chicago student Mohammad Hossain was arrested after raping and whipping a fellow classmate. Hossain told police he was just acting out “50 Shades of Grey.”

Mohammad tied the girls hands to the bed. He used another belt to tie her legs to the bed. Then he whipped her.
DNA Info reported:

A UIC student raped a classmate this weekend while acting out scenes from “50 Shades of Grey,” prosecutors said Monday.

Mohammad Hossain, 19, brought a 19-year-old woman to his dorm room in the 900 block of West Harrison Street about 5:30 p.m. Saturday, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Karr.

Hossain asked the woman — a fellow UIC student he’d previously dated — to strip, prosecutors said.

She stripped down to her underwear, and then Hassain blindfolded and bound and gagged her, Karr said.

Hossain proceeded to strike the woman with a belt, according to a police report. After several strikes, the woman asked Hossain to stop, saying “no,” “stop,” and “you’re hurting me,” the report said.

The woman continued to cry, shake her head and plead with Hossain to stop, Karr alleged, but he sexually assaulted her. The woman tried to break free of the restraints several times during the attack, but Hossain held her down each time, Karr added.

The victim was able to leave Hossain’s dorm room when his roommate came home, according to prosecutors. She contacted police, who arrested Hossain.

mohammad hossain
Mohammad Hossain has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault in an alleged attack on a fellow student in his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago. (Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

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