SLU to Build Monument on Campus to Anti-Cop Marxist “Occupy” Movement

In October far left #OccupySLU protesters marched to Saint Louis University campus during their Ferguson October weekend rallies.
They never left.

The squatters set up a tent city on the Catholic campus in St. Louis City.
And they camped out for several days.

One violent #OccupySLU campus protester admitted to being a felon and rapped about raping and whipping white girls with his manparts.


“Locked in jail I can’t win in this bitch.
So when I get out I’m gonna f*ck me a white b*tch.
Slap her and whip her and choke her with my d*ck”

(Warning on violence and language)

The demonstration did not go over too well with the St. Louis University community and with the parents.
slu tent city
The protesters left campus on that Saturday.

SLU President Pestello paid off the protesters to leave campus.

Now St. Louis University has commissioned a commemorative sculpture intended to capture the “spirit and importance” of the “Occupy SLU” demonstrations conducted for a week this fall.

The College Fix reported:

The sculpture is one of a handful of the 13 demands that could come at a high price tag for the university. Other major budgetary demands agreed to include the establishment of both a community center and a K-12 bridge program, the appointment of a special assistant to the president for diversity and community engagement, and an increased budget for the university’s African-American studies program. […] Other “accord” promises include the establishment of a diversity speaker series, sponsorship of a national conference on racial equality hosted by SLU, and additional college workshops for area students in disadvantaged neighborhoods, among other agreements.

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