Separation of Church and State? First Lady To Hold “Off The Record” Call With Faith Leaders


The Progressive left are quick to point out the belief that religion has no place in government. But it seems the First Lady doesn’t mind if the government is in the Church. That is, as long as the Press isn’t there to witness the interaction.

According to an email, Michelle Obama will be holding an  “Off the Record” phone call with faith leaders in order to push Obamacare:


Partnership Center 2(Image Screenshot)

Partnership Center 1(Image Screenshot)

The faith leaders who received the email are members of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. According to the HHS website the faith leaders in the group aren’t limited to pushing Obamacare on their flock. They are also encouraged to push the First Lady’s Let’s Move Program and the President’s mentoring initiative Fatherhood.

So while Progressives don’t want any part of the “Church” being in Government, as long as it benefits their cause, the White House feels it’s alright if the Government influences the Church. Just as long as the People, and the Press, aren’t there to be a witness.


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