RESTART: Russian Hackers Commit Largest Bank Heist In Human History – $1Billion Gone!

putin laughing

Using malware, Russian hackers steal more than $1 Billion in what’s being described as the biggest bank heist in human history.

As much as £650 million is thought to have gone missing after the gang used computer viruses to infect networks in more than 100 financial institutions worldwide.

The hackers managed to infiltrate the bank’s internal computer systems using malware, which lurked in the networks for months, gathering information and feeding it back to the gang.

The illegal software was so sophisticated that it allowed the criminals to view video feeds from within supposedly secure offices as they gathered the data they needed to steal.

Once they were ready to strike they were able to impersonate bank staff online in order to transfer millions of pounds into dummy accounts.

The hackers were also able to cause ATMs to dispense cash on demand without the use of a card.

The sophistication of this attack is reminiscent of the Sony hack, and while that was blamed on North Korea, maybe it’s time to take another look. After all, Sony did have another less noticed picture at the same time The Interview was released titled Red Army.

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