PT EXCLUSIVE: Connecticut High School Promotes Communist Party Sponsored Contest

Commie School Touchup

Wilber Cross High School (Above) (Altered Image

Wilber Cross public high school in New Haven, Connecticut is home of the Wilber Cross Governors whose team colors are red and black.

Ironically, the Communist Party USA’s (CPUSA) “team” colors are also red.


But which part of the color wheel both the CPUSA and Wilber Cross high school have chosen to represent themselves is not the only thing they have in common. It would appear that the radical Communist ideology must be, at least in part, acceptable to both parties. If not, then why did the administrators at the Wilber Cross high school advertise a contest sponsored by the CPUSA on the school website?

The African American History Month Arts and Writing Competition for High School Students is a contest put on every year and sponsored by the CPUSA news, People’s World. The flyer states that students can win cash and prizes if they write an essay, poem, song or create an artwork expressing:

“what young people today can do to further Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream and achieve new hopes and aspirations”.

Sounds all hopey changey doesn’t it?

What could possibly go wrong with something as innocent as asking kids to express how to make this world a better place?

Well how about the fact that in order to receive their prize, the kids have to attend a banquet at the local CPUSA building?

Below is a screen shot taken from the flyer posted on the Wilber Cross public high school website. Take special notice of the web address: That is the same as the school’s main web address which stands for New Haven Public Schools (nhps) Wilber Cross (wcross). The flyer specifically states at the bottom that this contest is being sponsored by People’s World and that the awards banquet will be held at the CPUSA People’s Center. Granted they failed to mention the little thing about People’s World being a bunch of Communists (click picture to enlarge):

Wcross High School Commies

People’s World reports that The African American History Month Arts and Writing Competition for High School Students award ceremony for 2015 took place on February 22nd. Where even young kids in 8th grade marched along side members of the violent Young Communist League and listened to a Communist agitator from Ferguson, Missouri give a speech.

So while praying in public schools is strongly frowned upon, pushing a contest sponsored by a radical Marxist group on a school website is totally acceptable.

At least in New Haven, Connecticut.

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