Pope Francis Decries “Inhuman Conditions” Illegal Immigrants Face Crossing Into America Illegally

Let’s see…
The illegal kids get–
-Free school
-Free Obamacare
-Free food
-Free housing
-Free cable
-Resort living

Sounds pretty inhumane, huh?

pope francis

Pope Francis decried the “inhuman conditions” ILLEGAL immigrants face crossing into America illegally.

Francis also encouraged border communities to welcome illegal immigrants and work to end discrimination.
The AP reported:

Pope Francis has decried the “inhuman” conditions facing migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and has encouraged communities there not to judge people by stereotypes but welcome migrants and work to end discrimination.

Francis made the appeal in a letter to a Jesuit priest who helps organize Catholic teens in Nogales, Arizona, to support the Kino Border Initiative, which advocates a more humane solution to migration. The letter was dated Dec. 19 but was made public on Kino’s website recently.

“These young people – who have come to learn how to strive against the propagation of stereotypes, from people who only see in immigration a source of illegality, social conflict and violence – can contribute much to show the world a church without borders,” Francis wrote.

Rev. Sean Carroll, executive director of Kino Border Initiative, said student were very excited and very touched after receiving the letter from Francis.

“They cross the border every day to serve meals to the migrants,” said Carroll, who wrote the cover letter to accompany the teens’ messages to the Pope. “I think receiving this letter affirms the work they are doing.”

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