Please Forward to Obama & Anti-Jew Democrats>>> Challenging Israel’s Legitimacy Is Little More Than Bigotry (VIDEO)

Someone really needs to forward this to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and all of the Democrats who are skipping Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on the survival of Israel.

VIDEO: A comprehensive look at the legal history of Israel’s birth as a nation from a Harvard Law professor. The conclusion: Challenging Israel’s legitimacy is little more than “bigotry.”


Twenty-six anti-Jew Congressional Democrats are boycotting Benjamin Netanyahu’s Congressional Speech on the survival of Israel.

wipe out israel rally
A photo from one of the rallies to wipe out Israel held in Iran in October, 2005. Backdropped by an anti-Israeli and anti-American painting, Iranian female paramilitary militias (Basiji), parade in front of supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, unseen, in Tehran, Iran.

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