PHOTOS: Black Lives Matter Protesters Bully & Harass White Children at Restaurants

The Civil Rights movement in the Age of Obama has descended in to blatant anti-white racism and bullying of children.

On St. Valentine’s Day this past weekend ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters targeted the “white utopia” of Walnut Creek, California.

This was abuse.
black brunch

One photograph taken by the protesters shows a white family seated at a breakfast bar with very concerned looks on the faces of the parents. Their young son seated between them has his back turned to the protesters and his head ducked low while his father has a protective arm on the boy.

The photo, tweeted by BlackWomenUnchecked is mockingly captioned, “They mad?”

In another photo posted to Twitter by Sarah O’Neal, a little girl covers her ears with her hands as her table is surrounded by screaming protesters.

O’Neal explained the racist reason for bullying white kids having brunch with their families in Walnut Creek:

“Walnut creek your weapons in the war on black ppl include: creating a white utopia and supporting killer cops #BlackLivesMatter #BlackBrunch”

According to Wikipedia, Walnut Creek’s population is about 78 percent white and under 2 percent Black.

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