OUTRAGEOUS! Obama’s State Department Orders Marines To Destroy Their Weapons And Evacuate Yemen UNARMED!

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Obama’s State Department ordered Marines to destroy and surrender their weapons before they would be allowed to leave Yemen.

Keep in mind that Marines are taught from day one: NEVER SURRENDER YOUR WEAPON!

Stars and Stripes have reported that Yemen rebels are seizing U.S. weapons and vehicles as the Western Embassies close.

Fox News reports the following:

UPDATE, 9:57p ET: The Marine Corps has clarified what Marines did under State Department orders in Yemen following the evacuation of the U.S. embassy.

Crew served weapons were destroyed at the embassy, while Marines’ personal weapons were “rendered inoperable” at the airport, and their destroyed components were left behind.

The Marine Corps does not dispute the reporting that CENTCOM is outraged over weapons being rendered inoperable.

Read the full statement below:

The Marine Security Force left the American embassy in Yemen for the movement to the airfield as part of the “ordered departure” with only personal weapons. All crew served weapons were destroyed at the embassy prior to movement. None of them were ‘handed over’ in any way to anyone. The destruction of weapons at the embassy and the airport was carried out in accordance with an approved destruction plan.

Upon arrival at the airfield, all personal weapons were rendered inoperable in accordance with advance planning. Specifically, each bolt was removed from its weapons body and rendered inoperable by smashing with sledgehammers. The weapons bodies, minus the bolts, were then separately smashed with sledgehammers. All of these destroyed components were left at the airport — and components were scattered; no usable weapon was taken from any Marine at Sana’a airport.

To be clear: No Marine handed a weapon to a Houthi, or had one taken from him.

Read more here.

Megyn Kelly’s air quotes in a Fox News update report below suggests that the administration is forcing Marines to parse their statements. The Illusion-in-Chief wants the reports adjusted to “appear” as if the weapons were not really taken or destroyed. But when you render a weapon inoperable—and forced to leave it behind—isn’t that effectively the same thing?

Another Megyn Kelly interview with General Jack Keane posted at RightScoop offers a harsh criticism of the order to surrender weapons. Gen. Keane is wondering if the order came from some “Mindless stupid bureaucrat.”

Uh, yeah… and just guessing that the mindless bureaucrat’s initials may be BHO. Or as Mark Levin phrased it more perfectly: “We have [Rashidi] Kalidi in the Oval Office.” Can Congress and the Senate put impeachment back on the table now?


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