Obama Takes Credit For Lower Gas Prices: “You’re Welcome” (VIDEO)

obama-oil-gas.gi.top(Above) In 2012 President Obama gives a speech detailing how he wanted to limit oil speculators. (Image CNN Money)

Only a few months after banning oil drilling in Bristol Bay in Alaska, and a few days from pushing to ban oil drilling in an Alaskan wild life refuge, President Obama has decided that cheap gas prices are somehow because of him.

On Friday, President Obama told a crowd at the Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis that people were saving a lot of money at that gas pump so “You’re Welcome” (video below):


“A lot of families have been saving a lot of money at the gas pump which is putting smiles on folks faces. And (Crowd laughs) No, You’re Welcome.”

The absolute gall of the President for taking credit for something he honestly doesn’t support, and is not responsible for, is mind numbing.

Ever since 2006, when Obama was still a Senator, he has touted that America can not “drill away it’s energy problem”.

In 2008 Obama even stated that he supports high gas prices if they are gradual (video below):

Around that same time he also voiced support for high gas prices because it would force people to utilize, and for governments to improve, public transportation (video below):

Four years later the President still supported high gas prices because when a father of a large family complained to him about the price at the pump, he mockingly told him to get a “hybrid” vehicle (video below):


As a matter of fact President Obama does not support any form of cheap energy. This became apparent when he admitted that in order to “mobilize” the citizenry in support of his Green energy agenda, his Cap and Trade program would cause the price of electricity, natural gas, or anything else that is refined (such as gasoline) to sky rocket (video below):

President Obama taking credit for something which he did not do, or support is very reminiscent of the tactics used by Communist leaders who would take credit for the rain that fell from the sky and the food on peoples’ tables.

The President’s time in office shows that he, and the Progressive left in general, have mastered that Marxist tactic well because they have proven time and time again that if something good happens in the country it’s thanks to them. If something bad happens, well… it’s Bush’s fault.

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