LAST VIDEO RELEASED of Japanese ISIS Hostage Kenji Goto Before Capture

THE LAST VIDEO FOR Japanese journalist and ISIS hostage Kenji Goto was released before his capture.
In the video Kenji says, in English, that he wants to got to ISIS stronghold Raqqa, Syria.

“My name is Kenji Goto… Japanese journalist, and I’m going to go to al-Raqqa where there is ISIS hometown. And, it something … happens, know all of the responsibility is on me. So, please don’t claim any blame to the Syrian people. It is my responsibility if something happens. It’s pretty negative but please don’t claim and don’t have a bad impression to the Syrian people. Syrian people are suffering three years and a half. It’s enough. So I would like to get a story of what ISIS want to do for Syria.”

Via Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently:

Kenji Goto was beheaded by ISIS. The video was released yesterday.
kenji goto gone

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