INSANITY: Federal Report Suggests Injecting Poison Into Atmosphere To Cool Planet (VIDEO)

poison-sign (Image 929JackFM)

Need more proof that the Global Warming inmates are running the asylum known as the American Federal Government? (For me no, not really.)

Then read an article on The Weather Channel which states that a Federal report suggests we release a poisonous gas into the atmosphere in order to fight the effects of Climate Change:

In what was once considered a fringe idea to alter the weather conditions of our planet, a federal report was released Tuesday suggesting it might be time to take desperate measures to reverse the effects of climate change.

The two-volume report released by the National Academy of Sciences posed the idea of injecting sulfur pollution into the upper levels of the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s heat away from the planet. Though the report stopped short of suggesting this method be immediately used, it said scientists should study and possibly test the idea soon to help keep global temperatures from rising out of control.”

Video below:

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