Hollywood Nitwits Prove They Know Nothing About Constitution or Economics

Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette impressed the Hollywood elites last night when she bashed the US Founders and blathered some drivel about equal rights for women in America during her acceptance speech.

Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep showed their ignorance by wildly cheering the nonsense.

Yeah, they’ve both suffered terribly under the American system.

Sadly, the Hollywood nitwits once again proved they know nothing about politics or economics.
The Daily Signal reported:


In a harried Oscar acceptance speech which culminated in a hackneyed call for wage equality, actress Patricia Arquette blamed the Founders for the so-called gender pay gap.

“It’s inexcusable that we go around the world and we talk about equal rights for women in other countries when we don’t have equal rights for women in America,” Arquette, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, said. “And we don’t because when they wrote the Constitution, they didn’t intend it for women.”

Like many Americans, actress Patricia Arquette doesn’t understand the Constitution (she also doesn’t understand basic economics as The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway pointed out).

If the Framers didn’t intend the Constitution for women, they sure did a fine job of concealing their intention. Nowhere in the original Constitution are citizens classified according to sex. As Tiffany Jones Miller explains in the “Heritage Guide to The Constitution” essay on the 19th Amendment:

Contrary to popular belief, the United States Constitution of 1787 is a gender-neutral document. Throughout the original text, the Framers refer to “persons”—as opposed to “male persons”—and use the pronoun “he” only in the generic sense. The word “male” did not even appear in the Constitution until the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified in 1868.

There are Yazidi women being sold as sex slaves by ISIS in Syria and this is the rubbish Hollywood is focusing on?

Hopefully these uneducated gazillionaires will read a book next time before they start lecturing on economics or history.

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