Hollywood Elites Snub Historic War Movie “American Sniper” – But Love the Snipers Who Protect Them

American Sniper Academy Awards Ad

American Sniper will likely have earned around $320 million domestic and crossed the $400m mark at the worldwide box office by Oscar Sunday. The movie is the eighth-biggest grossing Best Picture nominee of all-time, ahead of The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring ($313m) and Forrest Gump ($329m).

But on Sunday the film won only one Oscar for sound editing.

When the film was announced on Sunday at least one actor (Jason Bateman) refused to applaud. Viewers were quick to point it out.

While the elites took satisfaction with snubbing the pro-American classic, they didn’t complain about the snipers outside the venue protecting the aristocracy on their big night.
lapd sniper
LAPD snipers kept Hollywood’s elite safe on Sunday, while the elites snubbed American Sniper.

The hypocrisy never ends.
Are you really surprised?

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