HATE ON CAMPUS: Swastikas Painted On Jewish Fraternity House (Video)

Guest post by Patch Adams

1 013114_aepi_BN0955(Image Sacbee.com)

It seems the rising anti-semitism in Europe has now spilled over to a University in the U.S.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that two swastikas have been spray painted on a Jewish fraternity house at the University of California:

“Students at a UC Davis-affiliated Jewish fraternity house awoke Saturday morning to find two large swastikas spray painted onto their building.

“Nathaniel Bernhard, vice president of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, said the vandalism took place between 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. Saturday. He condemned the action, saying the hate crime threatened to rekindle race tensions at UC Davis. The fraternity house is located off-campus.

“Jewish people still can’t feel safe on their own campuses and in their own houses,” Bernhard said. “Anti-setimism still exists today. It’s not a fairy tale.”

Video Below:

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