GOP Lawmaker: IRS Officials Need to Be FIRED & PROSECUTED Before Confidence Is Restored (VIDEO)

Barack Obama,

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) a member of the House Oversight Committee told FOX News today that confidence in the IRS will only be restored after corrupt officials are fired and prosecuted.

A Treasury Department Inspector General found over 32,000 missing IRS emails this month after a being told last year by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen that the emails had been destroyed.

Rep. Meadows told FOX:


It’s really now a possibility of a criminal investigation, the first time we’ve ever heard that. And when you hear those words it’s really about what should have been told and what hadn’t been told. And, so we’re going to start to look at that… It certainly wasn’t two rogue agents in Cincinnati. Time and time again we’ve found unbelievable coincidences. Not only have we found more emails when they said there was none. We also know there is a possibility of even another set of emails coming up with over 400 other backup tapes that we found

I think there will have to be people who are prosecuted, others to lose their job. And once we start to see that then we’ll be able to start to restore confidence.

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