Former UN Spokesman SLAMS Obama: He Was Meandering, Unfocused, Weak and Ridiculous (VIDEO)

Former UN spokesman and media commentator Richard Grenell blasted Barack Obama after his confusing, wandering speech on random extremist violence.

Grenell told Neil Cavuto:

He was meandering. He was unfocused. He was weak. He literally, Neal, talked about isolating terrorists. You can’t isolate terrorists. He won’t even send them to Gitmo to isolate them. We need to kill the terrorists. He doesn’t understand the threat that we face. I’d like to know over this last week if he’s had his intel briefing. Because that is a man who doesn’t understand what we are up against. People are being burned in cages and he’s talking about more investments, empowering youth for greater service, entrepreneurship, not profiling? This is ridiculous!

Richard nailed it.
Via Your World:

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