Egyptian Leader El-Sisi: Egypt Reserves Right to Respond to ISIS Mass Murder of Copts

Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi said Egypt reserves the right to respond to the mass murder of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS.
sisi coptic church
El-Sisi was the first Egyptian President in history to visit a Coptic Church on Christmas Day.

ISIS released the video Sunday.
Al-Ahram reported:

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said Egypt reserves its right to retaliate against the killing of 21 Egyptian Copts by the Islamic State (IS) group in Libya at the suitable time and place.

The president added that the National Defense Council is in session to decide the course of action to be taken in response.

IS published an extremely graphic video on the internet on Sunday purportedly showing the beheading of Coptic Christians it said it had kidnapped recently, and vowing to fight “crusaders.”

El-Sisi said he ordered the Egyptian government to give full support to the families of the victims and tighten a ban on travel to its western neighbor.

He also said directives were given to the state to take the necessary steps in order to secure and ease the return of Egyptians trying to leave Libya.

ISIS released a new video Sunday–
They teased the release Sunday morning.
“Message Signed in Blood to the Nation of the Cross” is from the Islamic State’s Al Hayat Media – expect foreign fighter involvement.


In today’s video they slaughter 21 Christian Copts in Libya.
The Christians were all wearing orange jumpsuits and were marched out together on a beach.
isis libya copts

They then kneel the men down in a line.
And behead them.
isis slaughter copts

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