DHS Secretary: Not All Illegals Are Criminals, No Administration Is Going To Deport Them (VIDEO)

DHSDHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on Fox News Sunday. (Image screenshot)

Entering the United States without going through the proper legal procedures is considered a crime under Federal Law. Therefore anyone entering the country illegally has broken Federal law and is a criminal.

But don’t point out that obvious fact to the head of the agency who is supposed to enforce immigration law. Because during an interview on Fox News Sunday DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, after extensively defending President Obama’s denial about Radical Islam, stated that while the DHS is deporting illegals who are “convicted criminals” there are a large number of “undocumented” whom no administration, Democrat or Republican, are going to deport:


“Looking at it from my common sense perspective. The judge in his opinion, and I read all 123 pages of it so, said he has no quarrel with the notion that we are allowed to prioritize how we use our resources to deport people in this country.

“And we are prioritizing. We are prioritizing on convicted criminals. We are prioritizing on border security. Deporting those who are recent arrivals apprehended at the border.

“But there is a large segment of the undocumented population in this country, who have been here for years, who are not going to be deported in any administration, Democratic or Republican. That’s the reality…”

Video below (7:00-8:12 mark):

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