DEVELOPING: Hate Group SPLC Connected To Radical Leftist Shooter At UNC Chapel Hill

What is it about the Southern Poverty Law Center that drives leftists to murder?
More information is coming in about the gunman who reportedly murdered three innocent Muslims in North Carolina yesterday, Craig Stephen Hicks.

Craig Stephen Hicks

Hicks is a raging Progressive leftist who fed on a steady diet of liberal media. Then he killed people.

Pajamas Media reports:


A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows a consistent theme of anti-religion and progressive causes. Included in his many Facebook “likes” are the Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, gay marriage groups, and a host of anti-conservative/Tea Party pages.

Instapundit explains why this story didn’t lead the national news:


This isn’t the first time an extremist progressive fan of the radical SPLC has committed violent acts of terror against religious people. In 2012 Floyd Corkins stormed the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington DC and shot the place up, hoping to kill as many christians as he could.

From FBI interrogation footage. Confessed terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who attacked Family Research Council on August 15, 2012, shooting and injuring Leo Johnson (before Johnson subdued him and took his weapon) explains to FBI interrogators that he used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list to find his target.

Is it possible Obama and Progressives don’t want to connect Islam to terrorism because they’re afraid of what their radical base will do to innocent Muslims?

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