Far Left Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison Dances For Joy at Unconstitutional Net Neutrality Passing – VIDEO

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Democrat Muslim Representative Keith Ellison can’t contain his joy at the unconstitutional assault on first amendment freedom via Net Neutrality.

The Vine link here:

The Intercept reports on an unprecedented Liberal activist campaign to gain support for Net Neutrality. Mostly targeting the low information pop culture crowd.

Rush Limbaugh addressed such a misinformed caller near the end of the first hour of his show last Tuesday (2-24-2015)—audio posted below. Rush goes on to describe how the Left used grievance politic propaganda—promoting false perceptions and lies—to draw in the young Millenniums to garner support for Government legislation interference for a problem that doesn’t really exist (FULL show podcast can be heard here).

Congress has the power of the purse—despite the lack of spine seen from Boehner and others. Congress can DEFUND and STOP the FCC and FEC from succeeding in implementing this unconstitutional power grab of the Internet. The Energy and Commerce Committee contains the members to focus on for defunding the FCC and FEC. Membership list can be found here. Make calls to defund FCC and FEC.

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