Danish Police Shoot Dead Islamic Killer – Apartment Raided

Police shot dead the Islamic terrorist killer who shot two men dead yesterday in Copenhagen.
shooter denmark
A photo issued by Copenhagen Police believed to show the suspect in a shooting at a freedom of speech event in Copenhagen. One person died in the shooting deemed a ‘terrorist attack’ by the country’s leader. (AP)

The Islamist terrorist was previously “known” to the security and intelligence services.

37-year-old Dan Uzan, who was providing security for a confirmation party behind the Copenhagen synagogue, was shot and killed by the Islamic terrorist, the Jewish Society of Denmark said.

Reuters reported:

Danish police shot dead a gunman in Copenhagen on Sunday they believe was responsible for killing two civilians and wounding five police in separate attacks on a synagogue and an event promoting freedom of speech.

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said the shootings, which bore similarities to an assault in Paris in January on the offices of weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, were terrorist attacks.

A man died in Saturday’s shooting at a cafe hosting Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has received death threats for depicting the Prophet Mohammad. Vilks was unhurt. A security guard died in a separate attack overnight at a nearby synagogue.

“We’ve tasted the ugly taste of fear and impotence that terror wants to create,” Thorning-Schmidt told reporters. “But as a society, we have answered back.”

Police had released a photo of the suspect, dressed in a heavy winter coat and maroon mask. But the motivations of the gunman, who police said was armed with an automatic weapon, were not known.

Danish police had launched a massive manhunt with helicopters roaring overhead and an array of armored vehicles on the usually peaceful streets of Copenhagen.

Police said they shot dead the suspect near a train station in Norrebro, an area in Copenhagen not far from the sites of the two attacks. Police said he had fired on officers. Some local media said police raided an apartment in the area.

Muslims have targeted Swedish artist Lars Vilks since he published a cartoon depicting Mohammad’s face on the body of a dog.

Vilks has received death threats since he drew this image of the prophet Mohammad with a dog’s body back in 2007.

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