Communist Goal of Global Anti-Violence Against Women Movement Revealed by Leader Eve Ensler

MMS only:One Billion Rising: REVOLUTION Kicks Off with ARTISTIC UPRISING event at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
Eve Ensler, photo via One Billion Rising.

Leave it to the Left to take a cause everyone should be able to agree on without reservation—ending rape and sexual violence against women—and use it as just another tool in the collectivist campaign against America.

Eve Ensler, author of the ubiquitous Vagina Monologues founded One Billion Rising in 2012 to forge a global campaign against rape, sex slavery and violence against women.

The ‘one billion’ is based on a UN report that claims about one out three women–one billion– will be the victim of sexual abuse in their lifetime. One Billion Rising has become an annual global event centered around St. Valentine’s Day.

This year the event was called One Billion Rising Revolution. At a speech in New York City on February 7 for the 2015 event, Ensler gave away the game as a communist cult recruitment campaign:

…”What we know now is that all these stories are connected and as we rise we are we having a larger tapestry, a larger story, a story that knows that any economic system where one percent owns half the wealth — 85 people make the same as 3.5 billion, any system that blames the poor, the raped, the marginalized, the orphaned, the hungry, the oppressed and abused for their suffering, any system which tells us that if we all were smarter, or not lazy, or worked harder we would succeed, is a system that is perpetuating lies, cruelty and brutality. It’s the system that has failed us, the system that values success over solidarity, profits over people, greed over sustainability. For me the revolution is the evolution of the new system. It’s refusing to accept this story as the given. I read the other day that the Koch brothers — who I believe could be the single two people who might unite all our issues as they are against unions, minimum wage, women, Black folks, the earth — have designed their whole program to destroy collectivism. They are investing millions and millions and dollars in candidates, colleges, elections, cultural centers, think tanks to openly and without shame to destroy the WE.

“So my revolution is to stand firmly in the WE, to say what happens to you matters as much as what happens to me, to say your struggle is my struggle, to say tonight American individualism is dead and global solidarity is alive and on the rise.

“Tonight let us make our WE. Let’s defy the oligarchs and the patriarchs, their strategies of theft, war, racism, Islamaphobia, surveillance, drone strikes, ongoing invasions. Occupations, deregualtions, destruction of women’s reproductive rights, racist police killings, divisions and oppressions. Let us make a covenant that we are in this for each other, that we sing each others song, hear and heal and regard each others hurts, end each others isolation and separation.

“The only way they will ever win is if we turn on each other, our separation is their elevation…”

To those who unwittingly joined One Billion Rising thinking it was just about helping protect women, think again. Next year find another group that actually stands up for women and is not a communist front group like One Billion Rising.

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