“Campus Adviser” Body Slams Female Teacher During School Basketball Game – Cracks Her Ribs (Video)

Campus adviser Travis Mims was arrested on Tuesday after he picked up female teacher Katherine Martin and slammed her on the basketball court. This happened during a game of pickup basketball at the school where they both work.
body slam court

Martin suffered cracked ribs and bruising.
travis mims

Click On Orlando reported:


Holly Hill police arrested a man they say was caught on video slamming a female teacher to the ground during a basketball game.

Travis Mims, 27, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery in the Tuesday night incident at Holly Hill School. Mims works at the school as a campus adviser.

Katherine Martin, 33, told police on Wednesday that during the game, which involved students and other teachers, Mims continually fouled her and was becoming increasingly aggressive, according to the report.

Martin and Mims had a verbal confrontation and returned to playing the game. Police said that when Martin tried to push away from Mims to get open for a pass, Mims grabbed her, lifted her off the floor and slammed her onto the court.

“That’s above and beyond,” Holly Hill Police Chief Stephen Aldrich said. “He picks her up, and he just turns her over and drops her on the floor from probably 5 (or) 6 feet in the air. So she hit real hard.”

Video captured the incident, which resulted in Martin seeking medical treatment and suffering substantial injuries. School officials said other adults had to force Mims off the woman and off the court.

Mims was arrested after the assault.

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