Breaking: ISIS Releases New Video With British Hostage John Cantlie

The ISIS terror group released a new video today with British hostage John Cantlie.

john cantlie aleppo

Cantlie was reportedly kidnapped by British Islamic extremists while crossing into Syria from Turkey on 19 July 2012, near Bab al-Hawa. Along with Dutch photographer Jeroen Oerlemans, Cantlie was shot whilst trying to escape their captors.

Today Cantlie reported from Aleppo, Syria.


Cantlie says it is “the last video from this series” which suggests this may be his last video for the terror group. They have used him in videos filmed in Kobane, Mosul, and Aleppo in the past several months.

Cantlie is dragged inside a mosque where he reports on the young boys being taught authentic Islam for ISIS, including “Koran recital and languages.” Cantlie adds, “With any luck they will form the Mujahideen for the next generation.”

isis fishing
The video shows an ISIS terrorist fishing and includes a segment with a French jihadist. The Frenchman tells followers of Allah to stab Westerners in their hometown or at least strike them in the face.

The video was taken down by YouTube already.

The video is still posted here.

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